Agile Carnival Chandigarh
4-5th April | ISB, Mohali Campus

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About Event

The Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015 is a volunteer-run, non-profit event. This is the 1st of its kind event happening in Chandigarh with an aim to bring together agile enthusiasts from around the world to share, learn, unlearn, relearn and live the spirit of Agile.
Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015 is a two-day carnival, starting on 4th April (Saturday). This Gathering is all about "Change" and realizing your potential to be a change agent. Free yourself from the: tyranny of the urgent, fear of making mistakes, business as usual, and process. With an eye to the past, we look at how to optimize current environment and adopt a forward-thinking approach to Agility.

Be bold and embrace “Change” by submitting to this gathering on

Date: 4th – 5th April, 2015

Venue: ISB Mohali Campus

Our Speakers

Tathagat Varma CEO & Founder, Thought Leadership

Manoj Jain IIM - LucknowDirector - MakeMyTrip

Harsha Vardhan
Director - Accretive Health

Vivek Atray, IAS
Deputy Commissioner - Panchkula

Ritu MehtaIIM - CalcuttaDirector - Pitney Bowes

Sekhar BurraIIM-C (EPIB), XLRI (PGCBM)Certified Scrum Coach®

Sukhmeet Singh
Associate Director - ISB

Vishal Chalana
Co-Founder - Winshuttle

Anand AyyaduraiIIM-Ahmedabadex-Associate Director Filpkart

Neeraj BachaniOwner – Agile NoidaSAFe® Program Consultant

Sarabjit BakshiProgram Manager-DellAgile Coach

Munish Jauhar
Founder - GrayCell Technologies

Hirdesh Madan
Director - Bulls Eye

Deepti Jain
Scrum Master - NCR Corporation

Sachin Popli
Agile Coach - Ford

Gauri Mohan
Agile Coach - Ford

Jaideep Bansal
IWS Manager- P&G

Sastry Tumuluri
Founder, Anti Hill Idealabs & SecureGrid Network Technologies

Tanmay Vora
Director, Basware

Walther White

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Skyler White

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Participating Companies

Disclaimer: All the logos displayed on our website are the proprietary service marks or trademarks of respective organization only.

Please note that these logos represent participants (employees) coming from these organizations to attend Agile Carnival Chandigarh.

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About Us

Agile Chandigarh is the official SCRUM USER GROUP ® of Scrum Alliance. We are a group of agile enthusiasts who strive to create awareness, guide professionals and help organizations implement Agile or its flavors in the true context.

Meet the Team !!


Deepanshu GoyalAgile Enthusiast Group Owner – Agile Chandigarh

Simarpreet Singh
Event Head – Agile Chandigarh

Abhinav Aggarwal
Chief Planner – Agile Chandigarh

Manpreet Singh
Technical Head – Agile Chandigarh


Anmol Rajdev
Digital Marketing Head - Agile Chandigarh

Team Members


Ankur Nag


Durgesh Mishra


Neha Negi


Amit Paul


Satpreet Singh


Sakshi Kapoor


Navneet Kaur


Prabhleen Gupta


Priyanka Thakur

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